1. There is one God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, of infinite and unchangeable holiness, power, wisdom, knowledge, love, goodness, justice, mercy and truth. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and is therefore God manifest in the flesh. He became truly human by His virgin birth following conception by the Holy Spirit.
  2. God created, and in His providence, upholds, governs, and directs all things, from the smallest to the greatest. From eternity, He has a wise and holy purpose for every part of creation.
  3. The Bible is the inerrant Word of God. The words of Scripture are the very words of God. The Bible is our only incontestable authority for all matter of belief and practice.
  4. Humankind was made morally upright but fell into sin in Adam. We lost original righteousness and became devoid of a true desire to worship God. We are now born dead in sin and without the ability to understand any spiritual, God given truths. Therefore, all are doomed to eternal separation from God unless reconciled to God by faith in Christ.
  5. There is a positive hope. Jesus Christ, our Priest and substitute, guarantees salvation for all who believe. Jesus Christ came to earth and, in the place of the sinner, fulfilled all of God's holy will of righteousness. He suffered the full penalty of death due to sin, conquered death and ascended into heaven to intercede for each and all who are drawn to Him by grace, to receive forgiveness and life in Christ.
  6. God initiates and man responds. All who receive Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior, and by faith submit to Him, do so in response to the gracious ministry of the Holy Spirit in their heart. Salvation is wholly an act of God by His grace alone.
  7. Peace with God is established for all who have, by faith in Christ's ministry of reconciliation, sought for mercy and forgiveness of sins. God never turns aside an honest, seeking heart.
  8. Believers are to grow in Christian maturity. All who have received the new life of the Spirit by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will experience a change in motivation, attitude, and a desire to fulfill God's directives for their lives. Love for God is the honorable motive in following His directives.
  9. A true believer in Jesus Christ has assurance of continued salvation, and may know that his or her sins are forgiven by means of the promise in Scripture, and by the witness of the Holy Spirit within the heart.
  10. All believers in Christ Jesus are called to be ambassadors. This is the responsibility and privilege to introduce others to our Creator God, the Lord Jesus Christ, through the gospel of grace.
  11. All things have an eternal importance to God. All human history will culminate for the glory or our Lord and Savior. For those who willfully refuse to seek God for mercy and refuse to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, they will receive the just judgment due to them for all eternity in hell. For those who submit in faith to Jesus Christ, they will receive from God in this present life the Fatherly providential care that will make them godly men and women prepared for the inheritance determined by God for each one for all eternity in heaven.

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