Establishing Your Faith (32 page booklet)
Effective ministry begins with a solid foundation built on the eternal truths found in God's Word.

How many times have you wished that your staff members had a better understanding of the Bible or a more solid grasp of basic Christian doctrine? Designed specifically for camp staff, this booklet has thirteen sections providing a brief overview of what the Scriptures teach on the subject. Also included are definitions of theological terms or phrases, memory verses, book suggestions for further reading, and an application section for the camp setting.

Contents: God has Spoken (Scripture), God in Three Persons (Trinity), Who's in Charge? (Sovereignty of God), Perfectly Perfect (Holiness of God), In the Image of God (Creation of Man), The Evil of Evils (Sin), Fully God and Fully Man (Deity of Christ), Declared Righteous (Justification), The Body of Christ (The Church), Becoming Righteous (Sanctification), In Spirit and Truth (Worship), Preach the Word (Evangelism and Missions), Made Righteous (Glorification)

Price: $2.00 each.

Sharing Your Faith (14 page booklet)
Equipping your staff in the important task of sharing their faith with campers.

One of the greatest evangelism tools available today is not the latest method developed by the experts. It is the undeniable impact that comes from sharing your personal testimony with others. Wouldn't it be great to have your staff members begin meaningful discussions with campers by sharing how Jesus Christ changed their lives?

CBM's easy-to-use workbook, Sharing Your Faith, walks each staff member step by step through developing, writing, and delivering the story of how Jesus Christ changed their life. With helpful tips and suggestions, staff will write and perfect their spoken testimony using the spaces provided right in the booklet. This is a great tool to use during staff training. Help equip your staff to effectively share the gospel this summer.

Price: $1.50 each.

Daily Bible Reading Guide
CBM's Daily Bible Reading Guide lets the readers decide the pace at which they read the Bible. Simply mark the boxes of the chapters read and pick up where you left off the next day. A handy Scripture reference guide is included for quickly located key Scripture texts. This makes a great gift for staff and campers while encouraging them in the habit of Scripture reading.

Price: 10 for $5.00, 50 for $20.00



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