Here's how we got started ... As program directors at Camp Susque in Trout Run, Pennsylvania, Joel Rishel and Bill Klees began to realize that many counselors and staff were not in the habit of having personal devotions. What they needed was not another staff training session on the importance and methods of personal devotions, but rather a resource tool to meet them where they were each day. We looked around and couldn't find anything, so we decided to write our own for Camp Susque in 1996. It was so well received that some people suggested that other camps might be interested in it. So in 1997 we offered our first devotional, SonRise, to other CCCA camps, and it was used by over 40 camps. We realized that there was a need for biblical resources for the edification of Christian camp staff.

Here's what we do ... Today there are over 300 camps using our devotional books each summer. We began adding other resources to aid staff in their personal devotions and ministry, such as our Daily Bible Reading Guide and Establishing Your Faith and Sharing Your Faith.

As God blesses, we hope to continue providing tools to come alongside as many camps as possible in the spiritual training of their staff who in turn are in a position to influence the next generation.

Here's what we believe ... Our Statement of Faith.

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