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Current Issue: Spring 2008
Being Consumed

Remember trying to build that campfire with some twigs and a few bits of paper? Will the flame spread or will it just burn out? In this article, Anne Hartman provides helpful insight in keeping the passion of camp ministry from burning out by utilizing the fuel of God's grace.  Read the whole article.

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Fall 2007 - Down time? What's that? It's that elusive thing that we used to enjoy back when life was slower and the task list was shorter. This article contains five suggestions that will help you maximize your down time, and in the process, will position you to better fulfill what God has for you.

Spring 2007 - You know that the Bible is God's Word to us, but sometimes it's easy to forget that it really is sufficient for everything that you face in camp ministry. Read Comprehensively Sufficient for practical solutions to personality conflicts, addictions, loneliness, and much more.

Fall 2006 - During the off-season of camping ministry, it is easy to drift spiritually. Staying connected to campers, summer staff, and supporters is obviously important, but what about God? Read Staying Connected to provide inspiration in the development of your spiritual life and to prioritize your connection to God.

Spring 2006 - Do you know the difference between motivating your staff by legalism and motivating them by grace? Read upBuiding to learn how to motivate your staff to serve one another in a way that points them to the source of change.

Fall 2005 - How can you create programs that effectively reach the complicated needs that today's youth face? Jesus presents six priorities in His prayer in John 17 that serve as an excellent guide. To compare how your camp measures up, read Does Your Camp Reflect His Priorities?

Spring 2005 - Although the message of Christ can never change, the methods we use may. Read Relevant or Reverent to discover four key questions that must be asked to keep us on the right path.

Fall 2004 - Does this sound familiar? Two young campers are arguing over their turn at the ping pong table in the gameroom. You desire to see character in their lives, so you intervene their conflict with a plan establishing how they can take turns. What's missing? ...

Spring 2004 - What is the evangelistic mission of your camp and ministry? Have you ever thought about what comes next? Read Beyond Evangelism to gain a larger vision for camp ministry.

Fall 2003 - Your own spiritual growth is the greatest thing you can offer your staff. Developing a Devotional Habit provides practical suggestions in developing your own personal quiet time with God.

Spring 2003 - How do you view your staff? Do you let your program take center stage or the staff that carries out the program? Read Setting the Stage to see why and how you can bring the role of staff to center stage.

Fall 2002 - Do you desire to see your staff members growing in their personal relationship with God? This article, Alone with God, tells a personal story and presents the passion behind CBM's resources.

Spring 2002 - Are you leading your staff well by raising the standard for their spiritual walk with Christ? Read Raising the Bar to learn how you can challenge your staff in the Word of God.

Fall 2001 - Are you maintaining a regular devotional time? Do you want to avoid "Director burnout"? Read Running on Empty.

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